Privacy Policy 

Our privacy policy is simple:

Our event website does not seek to profile you as an individual in any way.

If you choose to register for our event you will be taken to the Eventbrite booking service.  We strongly recommend you read their privacy policy here: and the associated EU amendments here:

However to summarize some key points of the Eventbrite Service:

  • Your registration contact details will be shared and accessible by our event producer and founding funder 
    • You are authorizing both entities to use this information to promote and market the event to you. Both parties commit to not use this information for any other purpose.
  • No payment details are shared with the event producer or event organizer. They are kept by Eventbrite only.
  • Eventbrite also maintain the right to market their event services to you outside of the scope of this event.
  • You can contact Eventbrite to opt out or delete your contact details at any time after the event. If you do so before you may have your ticket to the event cancelled.