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Privacy: The Competitive Advantage
In association with ARM

Friday 29th April, London

The first conference integrating the commercial opportunity of privacy and the new GDPR, this event promises to be a unique gathering of technologists, investors and regulators to understand the market issues, and the opportunities created by the new General Data Protection Regulation.

We will address the challenges and benefits presented by new legislation and the maturing of privacy as a commercial value proposition. Peer into the future as privacy innovators demonstrate the customer empowering technology of tomorrow.  Learn about new business models, and hear from those pioneering them, plus startups concentrating on privacy and personal data as we spend a day discovering privacy's competitive advantage.


A small selection of startup tickets are available at £67 for companies financially trading less than 3 years, less than 10 people and less than £750K turnover.

Early bird tickets are available for £147 before Friday 25th March. Tickets thereafter are £247. 

Book now at www.theprivacyadvantage.com



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#Privacy Innovators Conference. Share best practice on monetizing personal data respectfully http://bit.ly/1RfYDsx

Make #IoT #privacy respectful & reap the commercial benefits! Learn how at this conference http://bit.ly/1RfYDsx


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1. Can Privacy be a Competitive Advantage? With the new General Data Protection Regulation coming in with its huge fines (20M Euros of 4% of global turnover) we can either embrace peoples right to privacy and turn compliance into a commercial asset, or just accept the legislative burden as a cost of doing business.  This event brings together top international legal experts, investors and innovators to answer how to do the former www.theprivacyadvantage.com

2. I think joining the UK ICO, the EU Data Supervisor and the US FTC along with corporates and startups innovating around privacy at this event www.theprivacyadvantage.com could be useful to learn and share best practise for making privacy a commercial asset

3. Privacy Innovators Conference. Sharing best practice on monetizing personal data respectfully www.theprivacyadvantage.com 

4. Make IoT privacy respectful or the sectorial opportunity will fail! Reap the commercial benefits of embracing the new GDPR positively. Learn how at this conference www.theprivacyadvantage.com



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